Too sick to attend school?


Parents must keep children out of playschool IF the child is not well enough to participate in regular activities of the program, the illness requires greater care from the child care staff than can be provided without compromising the care of other children in the program, or their child has received one or more of the following diagnoses from a physician:

  • Chickenpox – child can return when they feel well enough regardless of the state of the rash.

  • Diarrhea – until symptoms resolved or assessed by a physician

  • Hepatitis A – excluded for 14 days after the onset of symptoms or 7 days after onset of jaundice

  • Impetigo – excluded until 24 hours after antibiotic treatment has been initiated

  • Wheezing or persistent cough

  • Measles – excluded until 4 days after the appearance of rash

  • Mouth sores with drooling – excluded until physician confirms child is not contagious

  • Mumps – excluded until 9 days after onset of parotid gland swelling

  • Pertussis/whooping cough – excluded until 5 days after antibiotic treatment has been completed, or until 3 weeks after onset of symptoms, or until symptoms resolved

  • Pink eye – excluded until 24 hours after antibiotic treatment has been started, or if viral in origin until the eyes are no longer red and purulent

  • Rash with fever or behavioural changes – excluded until physician determines child is not contagious

  • Rubella – excluded until at least 4 days after onset of rash, or up to 7 days as determined by local health authority

  • Scabies, lice, or other infestation – excluded until treatment has been completed and child is free of infestation

  • Strep throat or other streptococcal infection – excluded until 24 hours after antibiotic treatment has begun

  • Symptoms of possible severe illness such as lethargy, uncontrolled coughing, irritability, persistent crying, difficult breathing, stiff neck, or wheezing. Have child assessed by physician before returning to program

  • Temperature of 38.3 C or higher (indicates infection)

  • Tuberculosis – excluded until permitted by physician

  • Vomiting – 2 or more episodes within the last 24 hours child should stay home until symptoms resolved

Please communicate any of the above illnesses to Ms. Kelsie so she can be watchful of other children developing similar symptoms, and to inform other parents if their child may have been exposed to an illness of concern (your name will not be disclosed).

Children found to be affected with any of the above illnesses will be sent home.

Colds will be common as winter progresses – While a runny nose may not interfere with a child’s learning, sending a child with a cold depends on his or her age. The very young who don’t wash their hands and don’t cough and sneeze into their arm are probably going be to quite contagious.

Thank you in advance for ensuring the health of the rest of our classes !