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Funding & Screening

Early intervention is a key to prevention. Our school has been very fortunate to be paired with the service provider Bragg Creek Education Services Association (BCESA). They are able to access Early Childhood funding through Alberta Education. Early Childhood funding provides programming and support for eligible children in the areas of speech/language as well as occupational therapy. We encourage all parents who have children 3.8 years to 5 years old to complete the screening consent forms. Our specialists will come to the playschool to screen the children to identify possible areas of focus in both speech and language and fine/gross motor sensory development.

The screenings are made possible due to Early Childhood funding provided by Alberta Education, there is no cost involved in the screening and if your child qualifies for intervention, Alberta Education covers the cost of the service.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Ms. Kelsie or the Director of Education at


Download form pdf’s here:


Screening consent form

Funding application form (to be filled out only after you have received a notification of funding qualification)

Transportation grant form