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Miss Kelsie

Banff Rundle Playschool's mission is to provide the opportunity for three and four-year old children to interact and learn through play in a trusting, safe and fun environment. We provide the children with a soft-structured program to guide them through their learning activities and experiences. We feel that each child needs attention, acceptance, and love. Each child should be provided with the opportunity to: - be physically healthy and active - develop language skills and thinking processes develop relationships with others - communicate in unique and individual ways - develop a responsible attitude toward other child...

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in Banff is an adventure.


At Banff Rundle Playschool, we know that learning & playing go hand in hand. Find out how .



Banff has many exciting things to see & do. We love getting outside the school to explore.


Sharing, cooperation, give & take. Life’s first lessons.

4 Areas of focus

Our goals

Nobody is too young to start planning their day. We have a lot to do together! Learn more below about what our program offers.

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To contribute to the development of a positive self-concept in young children. This includes the knowledge, acceptance, and appreciation of oneself as an individual and an acceptance and appreciation of others as individuals.

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To enhance the physical development of young children, in regards to the development of gross, fine and perceptual motor skills.

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To enhance the emotional, social, and moral development of young children. This includes the experience and expression of feelings, the demonstration of independence, and the development of positive relationships with others.

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To enhance the intellectual development of young children. This includes the development of thinking processes and the acquisition and use of language.

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Little people have big minds. Big imaginations. Big ideas. Fostering this is beyond rewarding
— Kelsie Lambert, Teacher