General Information

We want to set your child up for a successful introduction to school. Read below to learn more.



Studies have shown that playschool is a positive first step in a child’s education. Playschool develops social, cognitive, gross and fine motor skills. Working, playing and sharing in a group helps to prepare children for team playing and group interactions later in life. Children learn a great deal through play: it’s their work. Play provides a natural opportunity for young children to learn new skills, to practice familiar ones as well as to teach others what they know. Studies have shown that 70% child-directed time combined with 30% teacher-directed time is a perfect happy balance.


Learning Centers – Areas are set up in the classroom, which provide children the opportunity to be active learners. Centers are changed daily/weekly to encourage new skills. Centers may include: listening center, puzzle table, play dough,   book nook, sand & water tables, open-ended crafts, easel painting, finger-painting, dress-up play, home centre, and puppet theater. Children are allowed to freely choose to participate in these centers.

Circle Time – Introduction to the weather, days of the week, months, seasons and holidays. Children are encouraged to participate in group discussions, stories, songs, rhymes and games. Circle time teaches children to listen attentively and to wait their turn. Repetitive songs and finger plays are introduced to promote memory & language learning.

Directed Activities – Each day the children are introduced to a directed learning activity, such as: conception in colors, shapes and sounds, as well as recognition with upper and lower case letters, and numbers. They also have an opportunity to do crafts involving scissors, glue, paint, clay and plaster.


The 3–year-old Program currently operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 am to 11:30 am

The 4–year-old Program currently operates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:00 am to 12:00pm

The Banff Rundle Playschool acknowledges statutory holidays and follows the Christmas & Spring Break holiday schedules as outlined by the Banff Elementary School, with the exception of Professional Development Days. The Banff Rundle Playschool operates from September through May.


Unless you are the scheduled parent helper, please do not drop your child off prior to 9am. This time is used for the teacher to prepare for the class. Please ensure the Parent of the Day is present before leaving your child. Our playschool cannot legally operate without the assistance of the Parent of the Day. Please accompany your child to the door and assist him/her with removing their coats and putting on their indoor shoes. Hang their coat up and place boots neatly below. It is mandatory to have your child wash his/her hands before entering the classroom. Please assist them with this to ensure proper hand washing practices. It is a licensing requirement that your child is signed in when dropped off and then signed out when picked up by the parent or caregiver on the Daily Attendance Sheet. Please be sure to pick up your child promptly when the class is over. Your child will not be released to an unauthorized person. We must have written or verbal permission from the parents to do so. Parents may be charged a late fee of $25.00 if their child is left later than 15 minutes after the class ends.


Absolutely no outdoor footwear is allowed inside the classroom.   Students must have inside shoes and parents must remove their outdoor footwear before entering the classroom. Rubber soled shoes are required to be worn in case the school must evacuate for a fire; this prevents slipping and falling in the classroom. Please label your child’s belongings (shoes, backpack, lunch bag, cup, winter clothing) to prevent misplaced belongings. Dress your child appropriately for outdoor days and field trips. These outings will be announced well in advance of the date. Also, dress your child in play clothes as they will be using glue, paint, etc. and so they may get dirty. All children are asked to bring a change of clothes, just in case.


Snacks are brought individually by each child. Please remember this is just a small snack, not a lunch. All reusable containers should be clearly labeled with your child’s name. Pack healthy snacks such as fruit, vegetables and cheese, trying to include two different food groups (e.g.: cheese & crackers or fruit & crackers or fruit & veggies). Sugar snacks, yogurt tubes, chocolate, juice or juice boxes will not be permitted at Playschool. Only water is allowed at Playschool and it will be provided by the teacher. Please bring a reusable, labeled cup each day for drinking water. DO NOT send any nuts or nut products.   Many children have severe life-threatening allergies to airborne nuts/nut product residue. Please check all the labels of pre-packed foods as many say “may contain nuts” or “may contain traces of nuts”. All snacks listing this clause will be sent home with the child and the parent/caregiver will be notified. It is the policy of the Playschool to have no shared snacks because of allergies. This includes birthday cakes or treats.


Your child’s Special Helper Day will coincide with your Parent of the Day. As Special Helper, your child will assist the teacher in numerous special activities during the day. This is a very exciting day! Your child will also be allowed to bring a Show & Tell item from home. Please encourage your child to bring a picture, craft, book, collection or a special item, rather than a toy for sharing time. The teacher will encourage the ‘Telling’ along with the ‘Showing’, so it may be helpful to talk about their chosen item with your child prior to class time. Weapons in any shape or form are never allowed at Playschool. Suggested monthly ‘themes’ will be posted on the bulletin board for those needing guidance with, show & tell items. Please place the sharing item in the “show and tell cubby” on the shelf.

Special note for 2-year-old Parents: Two adults MUST attend with their two-year-old children on their Special Helper Day. The first adult is designated as Parent of the Day, required to assist the Teacher. The second adult is necessary for us to meet the Albert Childcare licensing requirements. In recognition that this may not be possible for all families, please contact your Class Scheduler if you wish to have, or not have, your child added into the helper-of-the-day rotation. Once your child turns three-years-old, this stipulation will be lifted and only one adult must accompany your child on his/her Special Helper Day.


The goal of the Banff Rundle Playschool is to teach the children to socialize in a positive manner. If in the opinion of the teacher, a child’s behaviour disrupts the normal operation of the classroom, it may be handled in the following manner: the teacher may involve herself in the play situation and discuss changes with the child that could be made to improve the play, or the teacher may redirect the child by asking the child to choose a new activity or quiet time in the form of a story, puzzle or drawing. However, if any child is consistently disrupting or exhibiting unruly or aggressive behavior, the manner will be discussed with the child’s parent(s). If the difficulty persists, it will be brought to the Board’s attention and it may be suggested that the child be assisted by a childcare professional. In the extreme case when a child has bitten or injured another child, the parents will be called to pickup the child immediately. If the child’s aggressive behavior continues, beyond attempts of teacher and parents, a written warning will be issued and the child will not be permitted to return to class until a solution is found. If a solution cannot be found, a notice for dismissal will be given.